Design Refresh For Justalever Creative

Andy Leverenz is a co-founder and technical director here at Couple of Creatives. In addition, he has been managing his own freelance business, Justalever Creative, since 2005. He offers a range of creative and technical services including digital illustration, logo design, website design, web and mobile app development. His goal for this project was to simply update his portfolio with a fresh design.

couple of creatives case study

Brand Development

The name of his freelance business is Justalever Creative. The term justalever was coined to represent his one-man agency consisting of “just Andy Leverenz.” Over the years, he has been consistent with the use of his timeless logo design. So, for this design refresh, we decided there was no need to alter it. However, we did experiment with new design elements including color, typography and photography. We reshaped his brand messaging to focus more on being an independent freelancer whereas before, he was communicating as more of an agency.

Website Design

Before, there was no use of photography on the old site allowing visitors to see the man behind the name. Rather, it was lacking personality. Now, the new site incorporates professional photography as soon as you land on the home page. As a result, there is a more personable look and feel to the overall design.

couple of creatives case study

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Andy is a dynamic creative professional with many interests. He enjoys designing, coding and teaching about the ever-evolving world of the web. In addition to client work, he has his hands in many side projects. Most of all, he blogs, writes e-books (Pro Tumblr Theming, LUXD: Learn User Experience Design), manages a growing Youtube channel, plays guitar in a couple bands (Almost Heroes, The Weapon) and is currently developing a new SAAS web app called Affinicasts. He’s active on all social media networks. Most notably, you can follow him on Linkedin, Twitter, and Dribbble.