Harvester Christian was on a mission to grow their staff, attendance and overall presence in their local community. To accommodate their vision, they built a new and improved campus and approached us in search for a digital marketing revamp including a brand new website.

They were looking for a website that featured more engaging content. They also had a variety of problems with their current website which limited their ability to publish frequent updates.

couple of creatives case study

Starting Point

Their previous design was very repetitive in structure and layout. They were looking for more engagement from their users as well as more consistent branding.

Our objectives were to refresh their brand, create and develop a thoughtful user experience design, integrate the custom design into a content management system and provide technical training.

couple of creatives case study

A brand new state-of-the-art campus completed in 2016, the same year we launched their new website.

We gathered inspiration from the materials used during construction of the new campus, including architectural drawings and interior design plans.

couple of creatives case study


We collected branding assets already in place. Harvester started making use of the Gotham typeface from the Hoefler & Co. type foundry prior to contacting us. Their logo and guidelines were used as another source of inspiration for the new design.

The main concept they wanted to convey was to tell the users where to start and how they can get involved.

Harvester’s primary color is a bright green which is used as an accent color throughout the new design. A secondary color is a bright blue which we found to be easily identifiable as a actionable color when it came time for the users to click a link or navigate to a different area on the web. We used green more often on darker backgrounds and blue on lighter backgrounds.

couple of creatives case study

We use inspirational boards to help us keep design consistent across every page of a website. This inspirational board in particular showcases photography, texture, symbols and whatever helped support the problems we are trying to solve.

couple of creatives case study
Andy at work on one of Harvester Christian's ministry pages.

After the designs were final, we developed more high fidelity concepts of the necessary pages and updated content that was born in our redesign process.

couple of creatives case study

The Home Page

The home page features an auto-looping video in the background of the top hero section. This gives users a quick look and feel of what being a member of Harvester Christian Church is like.

Clear call to actions point users toward the next step in becoming a part of the church.

This page makes heavy use of photography and video to help tell the story of Harvester visually.

couple of creatives case study


Harvester’s members are highly involved in the church. Some will go on mission trips to help promote the teachings of God to people all across the globe.

We have a dedicated Missions page showcasing all the different missions that Harvester has accomplished.

couple of creatives case study

Fully Responsive

We provided support for the website on all mobile devices. The mobile design features a fixed header and navigation available with a single tap of your finger.

The collaboration process with Harvester Christian was a rewarding experience. We live just minutes from Harvester, so it was nice to support our community within such close range.

If you are interested in checking out what Harvester has to offer, be sure to check out their website at harvesterchristian.org or watch this short video below for an inside look.