H2OH Drink – Oral Health Supplement

A group of dental professionals and wellness enthusiasts observed a problem in the market of refreshments. Most drinks are overloaded with sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives that contribute to oral health disease. As a result, they created an oral health supplement called H2OH Drink. H2OH Drink is an oral health supplement drink mix enriched with vitamins and minerals that support optimal oral health.

About The Product

Served in individual packets, H2OH Drink is made for on-the-go lifestyles. For best results, it is recommended to enjoy three packets of H2OH Drink per day. First, mix one packet with a cup of water. Then, shake or stir. Finally, smile and enjoy your refreshing drink on the go.

H2OH Drink Benefits

Reduces Decay-Producing Bacteria (Streptococcus Mutans)
Improves Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)
Minimizes Plaque Formation
Freshens Bad Breath (Halitosis)

H2OH Drink uses an organic sugar alcohol sweetener called xylitol. While as sweet as sugar, it has 40% fewer calories and 75% less carbohydrates. Therefore, diabetics would greatly benefit from this refreshment.

Most importantly, the supplement helps prevent the growth of decay-causing bacteria that cause oral health problems. Sip H2OH Drink and the number of acid-producing bacteria in your mouth may fall as much as 90%.

The ingredients are simple and carefully chosen. First of all, purified enzymes and minerals like Nattokinase (Vitamin K2) are included to restore salivary flow. This helps dissolve dental plaque that causes dental cavities.

In addition, Vitamin D is included to support bone metabolism for strong teeth. Also, Vitamin C is used to stimulate the production of antimicrobial peptides that fight against inflammation.

As a result, these vitamins work together to optimize oral health.

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"Achieving optimal health and wellness means taking the necessary steps to maintain oral health. Once bacteria in the mouth enters your bloodstream, it can cause problems throughout the entire body. The good news is H2OH Drink is here to help." — Jaime Cardwell, Founder of H2OH Drink
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Business Goals

The first year will depend heavily on direct sales primarily to dental offices. Also, H2OH Drink is available to buy online at www.h2ohdrink.com. The goal is to test the concept to prove that the product is well-received in certain health markets. Eventually, the goal is to become available in health stores.


Brand Development

To achieve long-term business goals, investing in strong branding is simply a must. So, before going straight to selling their product, they hired us to develop the product into a brand. We created a custom logo design, brand guidelines, established a designated color palette and typography to be used throughout marketing materials.

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Logo Design

The logo features a friendly water drop with a big smile on its face. Every interaction consumers have with a brand affects how they perceive the product. Rather, it contributes to how well consumers will recognize the brand, get to know it, understand it, like it, trust it, and ultimately, want it.

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Packaging Design

Another part of this project was creating packaging designs. First, we created the individual stick packets. Then, we created art for the box that carries the product. One box contains 21 individually-wrapped servings.

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Website Design

Finally, we created a custom responsive e-commerce website. For now, it’s a single landing page that includes all the information about the product. H2OH Drink is now available to buy within the click of a button. We integrated the website into WordPress to enable easy updates. WooCommerce is being used for the e-commerce functionality since there is only one product at this time. Eventually, they may offer more flavors and new oral health products.

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Screencast Series

In addition, we created a 19-part screencast series of the entire web development process. You can follow along on Andy’s YouTube channel. (Be sure to subscribe!)

View The Entire Process:


Social Media Marketing

Furthermore, H2OH Drink is active on social media. We set them up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Hence, they will be using these networks to engage with consumers, share informative content and ultimately, drive online traffic to their online store.

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What makes you smile?

The team at H2OH Drink is on a mission to promote healthy and happy smiles. It’s more than just a health drink, it’s a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, share “what makes you smile” on social media using #H2OHdrink. If you have any questions regarding our creative process, please contact us anytime!