Farming With Love – Craft Cannabis

Farming With Love is a small startup located in Oregon, a state where cannabis cultivation is thriving. Craft cannabis has become popular in states that have legalized use of the plant, not only among professional dispensary operations, but also DIY gardeners. As a result, the Farming With Love team decided to launch a new side hustle. So, they offer organic cannabis cultivation classes, workshops and supplies to DIY gardeners interested in cultivating their very own organic cannabis.

The Cultivation Journal

First, we designed a 100-page journal filled with information including charts to help users layout their garden, plan crops, track inventory of plants and log weekly tasks. Also, it includes helpful infographics on how to compost tea, how to harvest and how to transplant.

couple of creatives case study

Logo Design

Next, we created a custom logo design that distinguishes their business. The logo features an icon of a thumb print reminiscent of crop rows with a heart in the center of it all. Thus, it represents the DIY gardening aspect in a quick glance. In addition, we created a brand style guide to help maintain consistency across all marketing communications.

couple of creatives case study

Website Design

Most importantly, we created an illustrative website design for Farming With Love. It is a compelling design that leaves a lasting impression. Furthermore, the content is clear with direct call to actions that help navigate the user through the website.

couple of creatives case study
couple of creatives case study

Website Development

Another accommodation we provided was e-commerce function. And, we created a blog with WordPress integration and search engine optimization. Most noteworthy, we created forms that enable users to register for workshops and schedule appointments to tour the farm.

couple of creatives case study

Launched With Love

Especially relevant, this project took place over the course of 6 weeks. Finally, the Farming With Love website launch fell so┬ácharmingly on an appropriate holiday, Valentine’s Day! As a result, they had a lot of website traffic on the initial launch day. If you haven’t yet, visit them online and let us know what you think.