What is Branding?

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“What is Branding?” Many of our clients and colleagues often ask what branding really is if it’s not your logo? While a logo supports your branding, it’s not the only life line needed to have a good presence in your market.

Today marks the first of our new video series called Marketing Tips and Tricks.


Within this video series we will house multiple topics for discussion that help small businesses and entrepreneurs jumpstart their marketing efforts.

To kick off the video series with the question stated prior: “What is branding?”

Our response to that question is that branding is a form of strategic communication used in marketing to help influence consumers’ perceptions about the services and products your business offers. In essence, branding isn’t tangible, but rather a cohesive set of strategies to get people to want what it is you offer or at the very least choose you over the competition.

What are some of these branding strategies?

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • How you interact with your customers
  • Advertising (Digital and Print)
  • Sponsorships
  • Charitable donations
  • Events

The list above is certainly not complete but gives you some perspective about what strategies you can use to build your own brand.

A great brand uses a combined set of strategies to keep their messaging, graphics, and more consistent so that no matter where their consumers are, they are able to easily identify and connect with the business or service you offer.

This video covers the holistic definition of branding. In the videos to come, we will dive deeper into specific strategies you can use to develop and properly market your business. Join us by subscribing for future videos as well as some upcoming topics we have in store.

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