How Much Does a Website Cost For Your Small Business?


Need marketing? Hire this creative duo. We, Couple of Creatives, relate to our clients as fellow small business owners. We know what it’s like to juggle the many tasks involved with running a business, including balancing a marketing budget. As professional digital marketing consultants, it is our job to educate prospects on budget options and help them plan for their website. Here are some things to consider when planning your marketing budget so you know what to expect with your website cost.

Website Cost – User Experience (UX) Design, Web Development, Domain, Hosting

A website is a digital portal to your business. It directly represents your business and communicates important information that will alter the perceptions of users experiencing your online presence. Given that the World Wide Web has been thriving for 25+ years, it would be smart to adapt your business and invest in a strong online presence. When determining your website cost, you will need to know exactly what you are wanting so you can ask for a proposal. Many factors will affect the cost of your website including the design, the development, the URL and a server to host the website.

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What is the purpose of your website?

Will your website be strictly for informational use? Is it an online store? Will it be used to proactively market your business and serve as a lead funnel? First step is clarifying the purpose of your small business website.

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How many pages is your website?

Are you needing something simple, like a 5-page informational website? Or will you be needing a massive company website revamp consisting of 20+ subpages? Often times, small businesses just need a small website, a place to attract online consumers. All that is really needed is information showcasing who you are, what you do, who you serve and why people should care. Then again, maybe you’ll need more like a 15-25 page website to properly convey everything you offer. Whatever the case may be, just know it will affect your website cost.

Do you want a blog?

Interested in having a custom blog to drive traffic to your new website? (We highly recommend having one.) Including a blog to your website will up the cost by about $1-2K.

Will you be accepting payments?

Will you be selling goods on your website? If so, you will need e-commerce accommodations, which will add an extra $1-2K to your website cost.

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Would you like to have editing capabilities once the site is live?

When developing a new website, you may choose to set it and forget it or keep it consistently updated with fresh content. If you would like editing capabilities, you will want to have your website integrated into a content management system, like WordPress. This is an added feature that will increase the cost of your website.

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Do you have content already to use?

Will you have content to provide us? Please note, we only work with high-resolution photography, so it must be up to par. Also, copywriting is a very important element of a website. We recommend not skimping on your content. We are happy to provide copywriting and photography services to optimize content and aid in search engine optimization for your website. Of course, content management will be an additional charge.

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Will you need custom functions?

Maybe your website needs special features, like a weekly menu, a photo gallery or interactiveness to schedule an appointment. Whatever you need, we can do. Just be aware that custom functions will up the website cost.

Bottom Line

You can expect to spend somewhere around 3-10K+ on your small business website, depending on your specific needs. Contact us to request a proposal.

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