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Our Story

Two Creatives Join Forces!

We’re Alyssa and Andy Leverenz, the co-founders at Couple of Creatives, our full-service branding and digital marketing agency. We collaborate with businesses all over the world to develop brand stories for products and services. A story helps match consumers’ wants and needs with proper solutions. Everyone has a story, and here’s ours.

Our paths first crossed in 2010 as classmates. At the time, we were working on design and communication degrees. In addition, we were each managing our own freelance businesses. Clearly, it wasn’t long before we realized our creative drives align and that we make a pretty good team. 😊 Since then, we’ve partnered up in marriage, started a family and built beyond just a business together. For the most part, there is never a dull moment with us.

Meet The Team

Alyssa is a brand strategist, designer and copywriter. Her work encompasses everything to help businesses communicate clearly and effectively.

Andy is a user experience (UX) designer and web developer. He shares his advanced knowledge of web design and programming through tutorials you can find throughout the web, including on his YouTube channel.

Above all, our love for exploring, learning and experiencing everything life has to offer keeps us inspired and creating higher standards for our work.

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