How to Start a New Brand

Andy and Alyssa of Couple of Creatives

Starting a new brand is no easy feat. By “brand” we mean essentially starting a new business.

To do this effectively you first need to make sure you are solving a problem people actually need help solving.

Unfortunately, many businesses get too ahead of themselves and think they are solving a problem but come to find out that no one really needs their solution. This, in essence, is why so many businesses and startups fail.

If you are indeed solving a problem AND solving it well, you can then proceed to identify what we like to refer to as the first step in branding.

Ask yourself:

“What is it that you want to be known for?”.

Allow your customers to identify with you

Answering this question is a safe way to slowly grow a brand that encapsulates what it is you stand for and do. From there, your target audience will do their part in identifying with your business. This part comes naturally. The hope is that the “identification” period is a pleasant one. If it is, consumers will continue to come to you for whatever it is you offer.

Our video answers the question of “How to Start a New Brand” by taking our own brand (Couple of Creatives) and explaining the building blocks behind why we started it.

Follow along and try to find what it is about your own business that is unique. If you can identify something, focus on ways to make it valuable to your customers. If they can identify with you over your competition then your branding efforts are working.

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