The Power Strong Branding Has To Develop Business

power branding

“All one needs is a little oomph. ūüėĄ” ¬†-My friends

I love ideas worth sharing. My friends and I got together a couple nights ago for our newly started tradition of “Ted Talks Tuesday.” We ordered pizza, drank wine, laughed together and became¬†inspired. We watched a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek, How Great Leaders Inspire Action.¬†The main takeaway resonated deeply with me because it is something I realized myself priorly.¬†Knowledge is power.

Power of Leadership is¬†All About The “Why”

At the end of the day, it’s not the¬†“what” that matters so much as “why”. People only opt in to agreements, beliefs and overall things that resonate with them already. So, branding helps evoke certain thoughts and emotions in consumers that will stimulate empathy within them in such a way that inspires action.

What is Branding?

It¬†can be challenging to explain the benefits of branding to someone to whom it’s a foreign concept. I’ve blogged about it before.¬†Branding is actually a rather abstract concept with no immediate tangibility. Branding is a form of strategic communication. It in itself is a “why.” It’s what motivates marketing communications. It’s what drives the messages your business shares to its consumers. It’s a fundamental guideline upon which you build all marketing communication. Once the “why” is determined, then you can manifest that intention¬†across tangible modes of communication such as advertisements, company website, copywriting and other necessary marketing¬†collateral used to promote a business.

The “Why” Behind Branding

To sell someone on something, the benefits must be conveyed in a way that they can relate. The “why” behind branding lies the power to transform messaging to effective marketing communications. Is it possible to have marketing communications without branding? Indeed. Plenty of times, businesses go straight to development without formulating a proper strategy first. Just for the sake of having a website, they’ll go straight to hiring someone to execute that deliverable aimlessly. Neglecting branding makes for an ambiguous user experience, which is not a quality of active leadership.¬†

Branding and Leadership

The reason why this Ted Talk resonated with me is because of my prior knowledge of branding. Basically, branding is a form of leadership. It’s about understanding people and crafting strategic messaging that will actually be meaningful. Branding should provide people with sheer clarity and direction. It should guide communication to be clear, controlled and consistent. It should subliminally explain (through the use of design strategies) why your business exists, how it serves others and why people should care.

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