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Personal branding challenges the way you interact with your environment and tells your story in ways that achieve optimal wellness, prosperity and acclaim.

Endless Possibilities, Definite Solutions

Introduction to Personal Branding

Branding is a process of assigning meaning to what would otherwise be unknowable. It shapes stories that make sense of the world and helps match people’s wants and needs with proper solutions. True reality is whatever actually is, inherently valid and neither good nor bad, right nor wrong. Yet, perceptions discern reality as it is experienced. No detail is irrelevant in the grand scheme. 

It’s about expressing the nature and scope of things while marking out the boundaries. To give something meaning requires interpreting it so others can understand. To produce purposeful contributions that solve problems and make the world a better place, you need limitations. It might seem counterintuitive at first, but the main basis of branding is to establish that which limits you in order to create separation. When individual entities are distinguished, efforts can then be made to connect the dots. Working within a clearly defined space is a productive place to create. The limitless nature of creative freedom supports habits that can cause complications if your desire is to do meaningful work. Being restricted by guidelines supports the discipline necessary to live up to the expectations necessary for achieving success in your initiatives. Where do you draw the line? The cool thing is you get to decide.

Branding For Kids

As soon as you’re born, you begin the process of becoming branded. You’re given a name and set of expectations to uphold based on your position in the marketplace, so to speak. Depending on your sex, where you live, who your family is and so much more, people start treating you certain ways based on your identity. As you change, so do the ways people perceive and interact with you. It happens so routinely that no one even thinks about it as ‘getting branded,’ but that’s precisely what’s happening. 

Programmed From An Early Age

It’s a cultural paradigm in which you become a product of your experiences. You are like a computer (human CPU) learning and constantly evolving. Everything you experience will be processed through the finite perspective of your brain. It’s responsible for everything you know. The organ itself is the hardware. The language and data stored inside (thoughts, emotions, memories, beliefs) make up the software. It’s not a question of whether or not you will become programmed. The question is with what information?

Imagine Yourself as a Child

Imagine yourself as a small child and you realized you had superpowers that were waiting to be activated. Once you developed these abilities, you could bring to life anything you wanted and become a leader in your own right. It’s a big, wide world out there. Magic does happen and wishes do come true. You can do anything you put your mind to. 

Creativity is Your Superpower… Use It.

It’s important to know from an early age that you belong to a species of billions upon billions of people just like you. But, there is only one you in this world and you are an important member of humankind. You are your own person. You have a unique purpose and special contribution to make.

The things you think, say and do affect the world around you. You are a part of the puzzle and matter very much. Everyone has a story and their own way of sharing it. How will you choose to tell yours? When a person has a vision in mind for what the world should look like and attention is focused on efforts to create it, anything is possible. 

Branding For Young Adults

Although it seems like preparation mode, young adulthood is not practice for something bigger and better to come. Life will always unfold in the present moment. ‘Past’ and ‘future’ are mental constructs that can only be experienced as a figment of your imagination. So, don’t dwell on what can’t be undone, nor worry about what’s ahead. Instead, focus that glorious attention of yours on what you can do now to adjust your course and influence your outcome. 

Be Aware of Your Intentions

Rather than refer to what you strive for as ‘goals,’ replace with ‘intentions.’ That puts the focus on that for which you are realistically responsible— the creative process. No one will make your dreams come true for you. Every action you take shapes your reputation and affects your opportunities. Who you are now determines where you are heading. Realizing this should grant you with a sense of duty to become who you need to be in order to fulfill everything you want to achieve. 

Personal Development For Young Adults

When it comes to growth and advancement, it’s a balancing act between personal development and embracing your natural tendencies. Do what’s right for you, whether other people approve or not. Comparing yourself to others for validation is unhelpful because success is defined by your own aspirations and depends on your journey. Understand what drives you. Get in touch with what feels inspiring and make it a priority by all means to pursue that. 

You may be hesitant to share your personal story. No matter what you say, you’ll inevitably be judged in some way for it. But here’s the thing… People will form opinions about you no matter what you say, do or don’t do; so you might as well be real, and do what feels good for you. Fully accept, support and develop your mind, body and soul because you’re stuck with yourself for the long haul.

Branding For Career

Take initiative to control your reputation or do nothing and just let it be. Either way, you still have the repute out there; only if left unmanaged, it will flail chaotically throughout the perils of human perceptions.

Avoid Modesty

If you’re looking to advance your career, avoid modesty. Competition is high and there are tons of people who want the same exact things as you. In any given moment, you can choose to either interact with your environment and make special contributions or sit back and not participate in what is unfolding. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

To shine, practice embracing your uniqueness. Be able to identify with certainty what are your distinguishing factors, unique strengths, weaknesses and personal ambitions. This will help you express yourself in ways that align you with pertinent opportunities. Personal branding is a practice of marketing yourself, whereby success is reliant upon your individuality. 

Actions Have Consequences

To achieve what you want, act like the suitable person. To fully personify a particular character, carefully position yourself and present clear associations. It’s an ongoing process of acting as if you were the character you claim to be to reinforce a certain impression in the minds of others. It’s one thing to have a characteristic or be a certain character, but to act as such is to actively reveal who you are to others. 

Share Yourself

Share your thoughts, talents, skills and quirks with the world so you can find people who appreciate your special offerings. Have a readily prepared pitch for any networking opportunity that quickly summarizes what you’re all about. If you can speak confidently and eloquently about who you are and what you offer, you’re much likelier to surpass underprepared competitors. Do you offer something above and beyond? If so, express that. You have to communicate your worth to create valid points of why people should want to work with you. 

The Clearer You Can Be, The Better

What is your personal mission, and more importantly, why? You can choose to focus on certain things that catch your interest. To remain full of enthusiasm, pursue your natural inklings and inspirations. Don’t ignore these inclinations. They will lead you to meaningful work. 

Branding For Business

People are bombarded by communication competing for attention. To stand a chance, every component of communication that will affect people’s perceptions of your business should be calculated to promote pleasant and memorable experiences.

Create a Brand Strategy

Creating a playground where anything goes can be a dangerous position for distinguishing your business in the marketplace. That’s why developing a brand strategy is a vital step in the business planning process. To build a brand that commands attention and achieves business goals, three overarching bits must align: internal communications, understanding of your target market and differentiation from your competition. Combined, this creates brand synergy. 

Internal Communications

Before communicating with the outside world, ensure you are communicating well on the inside. Establish clear job descriptions so there is no ambiguity regarding each person’s role. Align efforts with a well-defined mission statement. Clearly outline main objectives and make sure everyone involved is on board with the plan.

Specific goals may include:
  • building top-of-mind awareness
  • conveying distinguishing attributes
  • differentiating products from competing offers
  • forging emotional connections
  • establishing credibility
  • earning trust
  • spreading motivation that prompts action
  • achieving buyer preference

Understand Your Target Market

Identify your target market so you know who to gear your message toward. Performing market research will help you understand the reasons consumers will buy your products and services. It studies things like how cultural, societal and personal factors influence consumer behavior.

Demographics to target can be based on:
  • age
  • location
  • gender
  • income level
  • education level
  • marital status
  • occupation
  • ethnic background
Psychographics to target may include:
  • personality traits
  • attitudes
  • values
  • interests
  • lifestyles
Basic questions to answer include:
  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they buy?
  • Why do they buy?
  • What will make them buy from you?

Differentiate From The Competition

Determine key distinguishers so you can properly express your uniqueness. If you want to attract more customers and grow your business, you have to distinguish your business from others alike.

Ways To Distinguish
  • Offer something different from your competitors.
  • Provide extraordinary customer service.
  • Focus on your key features and benefits.
  • Create a powerful offer.
  • Pursue alternative pricing.
  • Focus on a niche.
Position Your Business
  • State what your business does.
  • Share who your business serves.
  • Describe how your business does what it does.
  • Explain why your business does what it does.

You either stand out or blend in with the crowd.

Branding For Friendship

Where do you fit within your circle of friends? Are you the brainiac that helps solve complicated problems? …the travel buddy? …the reliable wingman? Whoever you are and whatever you do, branding is simply a vehicle to express your personality.

It’s used to help people know what they can expect from you. Be honest about who you are and open about what you enjoy. Everyone has hobbies and interests. What causes people to form connections is compatibility of stories and shared values. It’s also what causes people to create pleasant and memorable experiences together. 

Remember Meeting Your Best Friend

A single interaction has the capacity to spawn a blooming friendship. The way you interact with people evolves as technology advances. Social media usage is a such a predominant means for communication that society has developed ‘online personas’ as separate from ‘in-real-life personas.’ Many life-changing connections happen online. People follow each other’s lives, live vicariously, engage in camaraderie and relate to each other’s content. You rely on external information to direct your life by acting upon that which inspires you. Who you present online should reflect who you are in real life. It’s what most people in your network have to base their perceptions of you. 

Doing Your Part

Connection is inherently reciprocal. That means your participation is required. If you’re not present online, you may be out of mind to some extent. Having active accounts on social media communicates that you are available to connect. If you don’t, it may communicate that you’re not interested in connecting on a regular basis. Showing up online creates perceptions out there. If you would like to maintain friendships, get personal, share yourself freely and respond to others. If you keep to yourself, you miss chances to share your experiences and gain powerful inspiration.

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

As you venture through life, you will outgrow certain friendships and form new ones. You may wonder how to determine which friends to retain and which ones to outgrow. Try assessing the return on investment (ROI). Appraise each friendship for the investment that it is. You invest time and energy, but do you give and receive value in equal proportions? When you are clear on your values, your behaviors reflect accordingly and you end up making meaningful connections with the right people.

Branding For Dating

Implementing communication processes designed to attract a certain audience is how branding can help your dating game. Strategically funnel people through the entire ‘sales’ process, if you will. Lead them from a prospect to a qualified lead until they become a metaphorical customer. Incorporating branding principles will help you express yourself in impressive ways that seduce your ideal mates.

Why Should I Choose You?

People only opt in to agreements and beliefs that ring true to them. Confidence in yourself is necessary to make a move. Take a reflective journey inward to discover your unique selling proposition. Only truth resonates and genuine enthusiasm is one thing you can’t fake. When something someone shares resonates with you, it means it has a particular meaning or importance to you. Embody the conglomeration of your individuality to radiate authenticity and show off what you bring to the table.

What Do You Hope To Achieve?

Knowing what you’re going after can help you to be deliberate about prioritizing your values and determining who is a qualified lead for you. Visualize how you hope to feel. Then, put yourself in the right situations and have messaging prepared for encounters with prospects. 

Dating and Nonverbal Communication

Be aware of what you want people to know about you and what needs to be done to convey that. Most communication occurs nonverbally through appearance, facial expressions, body language and everything else in between that comprises your overall presence. Nonverbal communication plays an important role in how you relay meaning and information to others. Considering nonverbal cues can tell you a great deal about what a person is really trying to say. How you come off is due to a combination of visual, verbal and emotional attributes. Make the decision to integrate all the aspects of yourself that tell your story the way you want it to be told. 

Branding For Marriage

Promote Loyalty

Marriage is like the bottom of the sales funnel, where the aim is to retain loyalty. What promotes loyalty is the desire to have what each other offers. Without a strong initiation to repeatedly attract each other and consistently be a team player, you and your partner may become susceptible of being enticed by other available options. The clearer you and your partner can correspond on things that matter to each of you, the more passion, romance, integrity, respect and prosperity you will enjoy. 

Long-Lasting Love

Create the future through a scalable vision. Openly collaborate and share new ideas as they come. Don’t withhold information in fear it may go against something for which you already stand. Set your partnership up for success by adjusting the course as you go, adapting the proverbial ‘guidelines’ as you see fit. 

Strong Individuality Leads To Strong Connection

Uphold the promise to consistently be who you are. You alone are a character of power and mystery. Allow your endless capacity to blow your partner’s mind. 

Respect each other’s sovereign individuality and freedom by welcoming space among yourselves to learn, respond and discover common ground. When two, strong individuals initiate healthy character-on-character conflict, it causes a tension that leads to attraction. Conflictual situations reveal not only what you care about, but also your default approaches and reactions. You may not always show up as your best self when on the spot, in the midst of a heated discussion or confronted by criticism. However, avoiding conflict can form inaccurate assumptions, which unless examined, can undermine your relationship.

Personal Boundaries

The only boundaries are ones you create. Everything is open for interpretation, so it can be truly exhilarating to be and see each other’s most authentic self. To connect on a deeper level than anyone else, strive for a mutual understanding. Establish an ongoing exchange of information that is mutually respectful and beneficial. Everyone has their own way of performing self-expression. Find someone who receives the love you give fondly, and who demonstrates love for you in ways you appreciate. Most importantly, fall in love with the creative process of your one-of-a kind, two-person team.

Branding For Parents

The preciousness of a newborn comes from its inherent blank slate. Being a parent is the most important leadership role you will ever serve. It’s a profound responsibility to guide the mental programming that occurs in young children. It’s not something that can be taught or learned in a conventional sense because every case is unique. The possibilities are dependent on various factors, but mostly your ideals and personal style. It’s normal to constantly experiment to see what works for your family.

How To Be an Influential Parent

The best you can do is understand the power you have to influence. Once you are aware of your capability, you can practice communicating strategically to maximize your parenting efforts. Kids need their parents for guidance and it’s important that yours look up to you.

Establish your credibility as a leader by having answers to your kids’ questions. As the one with more experience under your belt, you’ll be expected to be there for your little ones to explain the way of the world. Share stories, make observations, ask questions, listen closely and respond in carefully thought out ways. Lead and guide but also stand back and watch your kids blossom throughout their own special journey in life. 

Add deeper meaning and significance into the parenting decisions you make by serving as a loving voice of reason and explaining your rationale. Craft messages that resonate with your kids. Instill in your kids that they have special contributions to make. Help them feel capable of fitting into the world by letting them know they are worthy of love and made for connection. There are opportunities in every moment to create special relationships with each one of your children. 

Don’t Hinder Their Unique Development

Embrace your inner child to get on their level. While your kids are experiencing different perceptions than you, their imaginations are not irrelevant. Everything they think or even daydream has the capacity to take form in their reality. Validate their experiences, then use your wisdom to direct their attention somewhere productive and pleasant that will stimulate their blooming minds. Ideas are seeds in the mind that proliferate over a lifetime. What you plant in your children will grow and sprout into fruition. Your children are the the most important investment you make for humanity. 

Branding For Wellness

Intrusive thoughts and emotions that boil up will poison your fountainhead of creative juices and disrupt your creative flow. Everything you achieve comes from your own reservoir of creativity. How deep or endless yours is depends on your ability to maintain a strong creative flow. Creative flow is when you maintain as much engagement with the present moment as possible while adjusting your course to achieve meaningful goals. 

Your Attention is Your Greatest Power

The ultimate catalyst to healing yourself and the world is a constant flow of awareness. Your power lies in the present moment. Where you decide to focus your attention now can cause either success or failure in your pursuits. You can get stuck in a rut by following creativity-constricting mental states. Fear, anger, sadness, resentment, envy, jealousy, doubt, embarrassment, guilt, shame and worry about what others may think of you are among the most common human experiences that wreak negative effects on your psyche. It’s important to notice what arises and cope by taking the action of redirecting your attention somewhere more forgiving to generate positive changes. 

The Importance of Mindfulness

Learning mindfulness is pivotal to any wellness transformation. It’s a cognitive process of directing your attention to phenomena occurring in the present moment. Adopting an observing stance toward your experience will help you to suspend urges to act upon subconscious impulses, raw emotions and attempts at interpersonal manipulation. It prompts you to get in touch with your ego as well as your higher consciousness, which is the observer of your experiences. If you were to sit for a moment to focus upon the images and sensations that arise within your field of awareness, you may notice your attention wanders. Instead of dwelling on a particular circumstance or trying to figure it out, simply acknowledge it, accept it and let it go. The benefits of mindfulness include mental clarity and concentration, which will help you process your place in the environment and adapt accordingly.

Awake and Create 👁

Awaken to the limitations of your human capacity and consciously override certain programming that may hinder your development. The creative effects of your mind have the potential to alter the world more powerfully than any other force in nature. Everything people think of you is in connection to a perceived persona. Invigorate the experiences by engaging your attention fully.

Understand that you are never not communicating. You inadvertently send messages all day long even without the utterance of a single word. Whatever mental programming has been hardwired, even on a subconscious level, sends signals to every cell in your body. Your cells are energy converters and respond by operating in certain ways. Energy exists in the atoms that make up ~99.99% of your body. Therefore, take responsibility for your inner space in order to transfer positive energy that supports purposeful initiatives. The more intentional you can be, the better.

Branding For Leadership

The leadership I find to be most effective energizes people to want to pursue a certain vision, helps orientate and provides clarity on how to achieve certain objectives.

Everybody seeks meaning in their pursuits. If you want to be an effective leader, elevate other people’s sense of purpose. Give people something to think about that inspires improvement in their own workflow. Introduce specific ideas at a time to help them perform optimally toward achieving a grander vision. By communicating collective aspirations that excite individuals, motivation is created. 

What is Your Leadership Style?

The more actively engaged you are as a leader, the more efficient your initiatives will be. There’s a Full Range of Leadership Model theory that focuses on the behavior of leaders with three renowned leadership styles—laissez-faire, transactional and transformational.

Laissez-Faire Leadership

Laissez-Faire is French for “let them do”. This style is characterized by having no fixed guidelines and leaving decision-making up to the people. This style involves the least amount of engagement and is the most ineffective.

Transactional Leadership

Transactional leadership is when leaders promote compliance through rewards and punishments. The aim is to keep things the same as opposed to generate change. This type of leader monitors people to look for deviations that may necessitate reprimanding or positive reinforcement. It’s a very common leadership style.


Transformational leadership is geared for long-term plans. These leaders proactively work with teams to identify changes needed, create a vision accordingly and execute by guiding inspiration. This style of leadership tends to support efficiency by generating the most engagement.

How To Distinguish Yourself as a Leader

To have an impact on others, you have to be strong and capable on your own. Your purpose for leading should be altruistically larger than life and clear as can be.

Then, you can tell a captivating story that empowers your audience to do their very best. Share it in ways that capture attention and allow you to truly connect with the collective community of your choice. If you can shine your light brightly in just the right way, you have the ability to ignite the fire of passion in others as well.

What really distinguishes top leaders is the ability to be so unique with such heartfelt and powerful intensity that all the reverse engineering in the world couldn’t possibly replicate their awesomeness.

If you want to be a leader that people look to with sincere admiration and radiate as a positive influence in the world, bring forth your true essence in all of your communications. Focus on the spirit of branding, an acronym you can use to help guide your communications as a leader. 

S.P.I.R.I.T. of Branding:

Support: State your case with rebuttals prepared for challenges.

Persuade: Present such reasonable arguments that are indisputable. 

Inform: Acknowledge opposing views while emphasizing the importance of yours. 

Reinforce: Amplify your performance by diversifying the medium.

Inspire: Evoke emotions that urge action in your listeners.  

Transform: Epitomize the changes you would like to see in the world.

Alright, that is all for today. Have questions? Contact me anytime. Thanks! ~Alyssa

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