5 Ways To Make Your Business Organization More Human

business organization human

The world seems to advance in a perpetual motion. It doesn’t stop and wait for anyone to be “ready” for what’s to come. Reality just is.

It is what it is. As humans, we naturally take the “isness” of reality and refer to it as “something” in the form of a name, label, or in the case of business, a brand. In attempt to understand our surroundings and express our experiences, we create forms from phenomenons. What happens when humans do this is we limit reality to our perceptions. By focusing our attention on what we refer to reality as, we are actively creating that realm as it shall be perceived.

In this digital age we live, where technology is quickly on the rise and information flows freely across the World Wide Web, businesses are at risk of becoming robotic. It is important to question this era and remain in touch with that which connects all businesses and consumers alike throughout the entire world, humanity.

5 Ways To To Make Your Business Organization More Human

Embrace Your Essence To Find Comfort In Flux

Just like humans, businesses go through phases and various stages of maturity. Businesses operate similarly to humans, adapting to the world according to surrounding circumstances. In essence, businesses and humans operate from a place of pure awareness. Within our field of awareness lies our experiences, which come and go like the clouds in the sky.

Through the use of mindful awareness, trust can be built by embracing uncertainty and acting with confidence anyway. By adopting an “observing” stance toward your experience in the present moment, your business will be able to suspend control-based strategies, urges to act upon emotions and attempts at interpersonal manipulation.

By practicing an intentional, nonjudgemental and accepting awareness of our internal responses to outside conditions, we may learn to let go of habitual patterns of responding to perceived threats. This may help to create the space to make more informed and reality-based decisions that will promote positive innovation.

business organization human

Interact Consistently In An Ever-Evolving Environment

Just like a human responds to stimuli, businesses should mimic the same responsiveness. When a human calls another human on the telephone, someone answers, “Hello… How may I help you?” As a business, be there. Be available to correspond with the world of consumers all around you. Instead of branding your business in a way that labels, restricts and limits, why not create it in a manor that is open to interpretation?

Contrary to traditional branding, whereby businesses communicate who they are in rigid ways, brands interested in “being more human” may prefer to express themselves with more fluidity that allows space to learn, respond and find common ground with new consumers. Openly collaborate and share new thoughts and ideas as they come. Don’t withhold information in fear it may go against something for which you already stand. If it’s meaningful to your business in the moment and you believe you have insight the world needs to hear, don’t hold back. Share it.

business organization human

Create The Future Through a Scalable Vision

Humans are always growing and outgrowing certain lifestyles and striving for new ventures. Likewise, so should businesses. To create a business organization that is more human, it is crucial to agree to never get stuck in your ways. Set your business up for success by planning to adjust your course as you go.

To be more human, don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves. Computers wait for strict commands. Humans, instead, create opportunities. Creativity is our human power… Use it. Uncover your vision, learn how to articulate it and align it in a way that creates a flexible yet sturdy brand to be associated with your business organization.

business organization human

Invigorate Your Culture By Engaging Employees

Achieving proper brand synergy requires a holistic approach. To create a more human business organization, you must align your brand with internal personnel and external consumers. It is essential to provide professional development for employees and motivate them to uphold certain standards for the company. Human nature entails benevolence. It is natural to be kind, considerate and empathetic. It is important to see your company as a force of human nature. It is the direct result of human collaboration.

Without strong employees working day in, day out to manifest the vision and maintain the company’s mission, there would be no business organization. Running your company like a machine is not the way to appeal to humans. Running your company like a family is the way to go. Treat your employees with the utmost respect, believe in them and help them get to where they need to be in order to succeed individually and contribute to a harmonious collective.

business organization human

Balance Advocacy With Inquiry

Branding is all about advocating for certain realities. Branding your business is a commitment to uphold a certain realm. It is your promise to the people that your business organization will be reliable in living up to certain standards.

The best way to maintain a humanistic vibe is to acknowledge exceptions that exist to every rule. While you may advocate one way, it is important to remain open-minded to other possibilities. By simply admitting there may be multiple ways to go about something, you build credibility as a leader. Why? Because to deny infinite potentiality would essentially be inhumane.

business organization human

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