January 2017 Updates


2016 was our best year yet. We merged our freelance businesses and established our full-service digital marketing agency. This Couple of Creatives is very excited for what’s ahead this January 2017…

January Promo: 15% Discount to Businesses Celebrating a Major Milestone in 2017

Every month, we will be running a special promotion. January 2017, we are offering a 15% discount on our digital marketing services to businesses celebrating a major milestone in 2017. Do you have a business anniversary or monumental event taking place this year? If so, you could save hundreds with our special promotion. Get in touch to learn more!


New Pricing Framework

I’ve talked about this before, our infamous struggle of getting prospects to divulge their budget to us. In attempt to alleviate the challenge, we created a pricing framework to help prospects understand our services and associated pricing. We have broken down our services into 3 tiers: essentials, accelerated and advanced. We provide full-service digital marketing solutions, including graphic design, web design & development, copywriting and inbound strategy.



 January Projects In The Works

H2OH Drink: We have been working closely with a startup company over the past few months. We look forward to launching their new product line and website by end of month!

Farming With Love: A new project is in the works for our friends up in Portland, Oregon. Stay tuned for an exciting launch planned for Valentine’s Day 2017!

PUNCH Creative: We are pleased to be collaborating with our friends over at PUNCH. We provide web design and development services and they help our clients with video content.

Mattermark: We’re California dreaming as we delve into our new client’s brand. They’re a fast-growing startup based in San Francisco, California.

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