For Full Effect, Avoid Niched Marketing

Excited to see your business success sky-rocket in record time? (Of course you are.) Well, it all starts with full-service marketing…

If you’re the person in charge of marketing for your company, you are faced with a heavy load of responsibility as these initiatives play such a key role in your company’s success.

Let’s hope this post finds you in time so you can be well-prepared as a conscious consumer of marketing to make a well-educated decision.  I’ll go over the various options out there, from niche-based to full-service, and everything in between.

Niched-Service for Niched-Industry Agency

(Fitting In When You Should Be Standing Out)

Many agencies offer a very niched-service for a niched-industry as opposed to full-service solutions.

For example, there are agencies that specialize in email marketing specifically for car dealerships, agencies that solely offer SEO for dentists and agencies that design websites for non-profit organizations in particular.

Granted, you want your marketing team to be good at their skills and to know your industry. (Duh.) However, your marketing strategy should set you apart from your competition.

By hiring a niched-service agency for your niched-industry, you are going to receive their “tried and true” template they’ve used for all their other clients just like you — meaning, your campaign is not going to be all that unique.

Also, an effective marketing campaign requires a holistic approach. If you hire a niched-service agency, you will have to hire several different specialized vendors in order to cover all the necessary bases — a web designer, a web developer, a copywriter, a photographer, a SEO specialist, etc — which will make it more challenging to keep your branding consistent.

If your business is not trying to be innovative and the goal is to do exactly what your competitors do, then play it safe and hire several niched-service agencies specific for your niched-industry.

Full-Service for Niched-Industry Agency

(Complacent Elitism)

Some agencies provide full-service for a niched-industry.

This type of agency offers all the marketing services you’ll need specifically for your special industry. There are full-service agencies that specifically target agricultural companies, that target sports teams, that target bridal/wedding businesses, that target universities, or even pet businesses.

Business owners, you may be thinking “Umm…perfect — someone who knows our industry that can provide everything we need!”

Well, you may want to think again at the implications of going this route…

Granted, you will be working with a team of creatives who are familiar with your industry. They already know your target markets, your competitors and are prepared with the best communication strategies for your business — before they even meet you.

While there may be innovative professionals working at agencies like this, you can’t help but notice a twinge of tunnel vision among the team members. (I know from personal experience.)

When you work long hours on the same subject, exploring the same exact topic day after day, you become an expert on that matter, sure. BUT… brilliant connections get ignored from lack of experience in other relatable industries. People get comfortable in this state, and quite frankly, a little complacent — providing the same ole’ “tried and true” solutions they’ve used time and time again in the past, venturing not far from their norm. Agencies like this tend to lag behind on innovation and breakthroughs because they’re accustom to their cookie-cutter ways.

It’s not the end of the world, but certainly something worth noting while considering all your options.

Niched-Service for Any Industry Agency

(Close But No Cigar)

Some agencies provide a niched-service for any industry.

For example, there are agencies that specialize in what they do — whether it be search engine optimization (SEO), web design, web development, content management or email marketing — and apply that one specialty skill to any type of business in need of that service, regardless of industry.

These people do the same type of work every day but for a diversified clientele. One day they will be working for a baby clothing retail store, the next day a motorcycle dealership, then an international consulting firm, a law office and a Buddhist monastery. (Rarely is there a dull moment.)

They don’t claim to know more than they do. They won’t try to get you to opt into other services they can only provide mediocrely. They are here to provide what you need — nothing less, nothing more.

Full-Service for Any Industry Agency

(Where The Magic Happens)

Then there are the agencies out there that provide full-service for any industry. (Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.)

These agencies are a “one stop shop” offering all the various marketing services you’ll ever need — for any industry.

Full-service agencies can sometimes be frowned upon and seen as scatter-brained. Business advisors suggest niching your company will help position it for success compared to targeting a general audience. While it may be true that’s the trend, it doesn’t mean it’s actually valid — especially when it comes to creative marketing.

A full-service marketing agency that is inclusive to everyone is the most genuine creative team you will find. That’s right — true blues at your service.

They welcome new challenges that truly test their creativity and enjoy learning the ins and outs of new industries. They experiment with new creative methods and are able to make bigger and better connections that enable more innovative solutions in the long run. In fact, that’s what these teams live for—the wonderful spices of life… variety, diversity, innovation, community engagement—creating something from nothing.

There’s the limited and the limitless — and that’s what distinguishes “full-service for any industry” agencies from niched out ones. When it comes to shopping for creativity, I’d go limitless.

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