Couple of Creatives — Manifesto


We are digital marketing experts.

We are a Couple of Creatives, Alyssa and Andy Leverenz. After managing our own freelance businesses for several years, we decided to join forces.

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We’re a fun couple that likes mixing business with pleasure. Spending our days fulfilling our dreams is exhilarating and we are grateful for every project. We realize we are responsible for our reputation, the level of success we achieve and the contributions we make. They’re a reflection of our core values, which we express in our manifesto:

1. Attentiveness

We listen deeply and are aware of our surroundings.

2. Empathy

We strive to understand our surroundings.

3. Innovation

We do not conform to tradition. We are creators of the future.

4. Community Engagement

We will not hold back from promoting a harmonious collective.

5. Minimalism

We have no use for the unnecessary. Meaningfulness only.

6. Curiosity

We seek out and welcome new ways of viewing the world.

7. Ambition

We keep our eyes on the prize (focus on the goal), allowing the minutia to fall into place.

8. Enthusiasm

We are partners in design — friends, colleagues and lovers — enjoying life.

9. Balance

We take a holistic approach in all that we do.

10. Service

We are here to do our best, to inform, to inspire and to help.

Read our story. You may contact us anytime at (314) 378-8229 or [email protected].

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