Custom Websites VS. DIY Websites

Custom Websites VS DIY Websites

Check out the latest from our Marketing Tips & Tricks video series where compare and contrast custom websites VS. D.I.Y. websites.

When making a decision on what to do with the business website, it comes down to two things: purpose of website and budget. It is important to first determine what the main function of the website is. What business goals do you have for the website? How simple or complicated must it be? Will users be buying products? Will you be authoring new content daily? How many users are you aiming to attract? How worthwhile is it to invest into its optimization? Website solutions are available in a wide range of budgetary options, from free DIY site builders to $5-10K+ on a custom professionally designed website. We briefly share the pros and cons of the various website solutions available.

D.I.Y. Websites – Pros and Cons

There are free DIY website builders available out there (Wix, Squarespace, to name a couple popular ones.) You can’t beat free, so mark that as a definite perk. There are plenty of pre-existing themes out there that would surely get the job done in many cases. Going this route though, you are at risk of lagging behind over time as you are dependent on the developer releasing updates. You are also at risk of having a website that looks identical to thousands of others. If you are trying to stand out amongst competition and make a profound statement with your brand, a pre-existing theme/site builder is not the route you should take.

Custom Websites – Pros and Cons

Custom website design and development is for businesses who will be utilizing their website as a major marketing tool. It’s for entrepreneurs who see their website as an online portal to their business and who understand the importance of a pleasant and memorable user experience. In order to be memorable, you have to stand out in some way. Using a pre-existing theme will not allow you to become differentiated, so if that is a business goal, a custom website design is the solution for your business. The downside of a custom website is that it is moderately costly. It is priced according to the rate of the professional designer/developer you hire and the intended return on investment. “Custom” can mean so many things… literally, the possibilities are virtually endless. To give an accurate pricing quote, an initial consultation meeting must be had. If you have any questions about what to do with your business website, contact Couple of Creatives.

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