Why Creativity Is Necessary To Grow Your Business


Creativity means breaking out of old patterns and looking at things in a new way as to make necessary improvements. It’s a fundamental mode of expression, the root of all evolution and absolutely essential for marketing a business.

A funny question I’m often asked by people as if they’ve discovered some sort of conundrum is “how do you market your marketing business?” The question actually poses an opportunity for me to relate to other entrepreneurs. I’m able to offer specific examples of how the very same services I provide others is what helps me grow my own business, too.

Creative Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing a business, there are many ways to do it. Then, within each way, there are different levels of caliber to which the thing can be executed. With creativity, the process for each project is the same, to be different. Here at Couple of Creatives, we offer 4 main services, or “ways” to market a business. Within each service, we offer tiers to which the service can be achieved (essentials, accelerated and advanced) because this is a business and you get the value for which you pay.

Graphic Design

“What is graphic design and how can it directly help me grow my business?”

I’ve been teased before about my profession as a graphic artist being a trivial pursuit. Not everyone appreciates the value of an effective design, so I’ve learned that part of being a successful entrepreneur is becoming a good salesperson. With graphic design, it’s more than just making things look pretty. If that’s all it was about, I could see why businesses may see it as more of a luxury than a necessity. However, that is not the case.

Graphic design is purposeful (and pretty). It refers to the communication in marketing materials, from logo design and branding to marketing collateral like brochures and publications to widespread online advertising. It should a.) attract the attention of your audience and b.) deliver strategic messaging that evokes certain thoughts and emotions. Is it possible to market a business without graphic design in advertising and marketing communications? It may be, depending on your business and what other methods of marketing you’re using. However, graphic design is a wonderful way to improve communication and express the value of your business. This in turn will directly help earn new customers, retain them and generate more revenue for your business.


Web Design and Development

“What is web design and development and how can it directly help me grow my business?”

The World Wide Web is like the vastest place on Earth filled with some of the most intelligent and creative minds. This source can be exciting as it serves as an opportunity to connect with billions of others. The problem is it can be daunting due to the competitiveness in distinguishing and optimizing your domain’s presence.

That is what our web design and development services are here to solve. There are countless web solutions available out there from D-I-Y site builders to configuring pre-existing themes to custom designing and developing websites. Here at Couple of Creatives, we do it all. Our specialty is in designing and developing completely custom websites. The benefit of a custom design is that it will help distinguish your business in a sea of competitors. Configuring a pre-existing theme may get you a spot in the web, but that only achieves one step in the holistic puzzle of digital marketing. Having a domain is nice, but optimizing its presence means ensuring it is distinguishable. If you’re configuring a template, that means your website will look identical to thousands of others. It’s certainly a fine starting point, but as long as you’re going with a theme, there will always be plenty of room for improvement.



“What is copywriting and how can it directly help me grow my business?”

Investing in professional copywriting services will directly help you grow your business because the information processed by your audience will be clear, controlled and consistent.

Is copywriting a luxury or a necessity? I’ll just say effective copywriting requires more skill than mere literacy. Professional copywriters are wordsmiths well-trained in marketing to be able to craft wordage and sentence structures in artistic ways to influence readers. Here at Couple of Creatives, our copywriting services ensure your marketing communications are informative, persuasive and inspire action.


Inbound Strategy

“What is inbound strategy and how can it directly help me grow my business?”

Our inbound strategy services consist of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. What’s unique about inbound strategy is that it connects other marketing entities to each other. For example, without a website, there is nothing to connect. Without relevant content, there is nothing to connect. Inbound strategy is like an art show for your marketing communications. It’s what drives people to your hard-earned domain on the web. Likewise, having an awesome website is futile if no one is actually visiting it. Search engine optimization and social media marketing are used to actively attract new visitors to your website. User experience (UX) design is an inbound technique to keep users on your site long enough to convert to a customer. Such strategies are well-researched, proven effective and ever-evolving. Nevertheless, inbound marketing strategy will always be very important for growing your business.


Full-Service Digital Marketing

“What is full-service digital marketing and how can it directly help me grow my business?”

Full-service digital marketing is the best solution for growing your business. While all of our services are wonderful in their own way, to be truly effective, they all must work together in unison. All too often, businesses will opt in for marketing services ala carte-style due to budget restrictions or the perception of some services being more important than others. That’s fine and understandable. We accommodate all businesses with various budgets and business goals. However, as a business owner, it is important to prioritize your marketing plans and not cut corners, if the goal is to grow your business.

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