Content Marketing Tips & Tricks For Startups

content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful way for startups and small businesses to spread awareness, earn brand affinity and convert online users to customers.

Most startups are looking to grow. The good news is there are ways to market a new business quite easily by using the internet to share compelling content with prospective customers. Read along and I will explain what you need to know to get started.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is just that, the “content” you use to market your business. The possibilities are endless. It is important to proceed carefully and methodically.

Content Marketing Main Objectives

content marketing

Spread Awareness

Sharing content regularly provides a way for people surfing the web looking for your solution to find you and learn how you can help them.

Earn Brand Affinity

As you serve as a reliable source of information that provides value, you earn trust and admiration from your audience.

Convert Online Users To Customers

Eventually, online users will get to know you, trust you, like you and want you. Your business will be top of mind when the need for your solution arises.

How To Use Content Marketing

content marketing

Have Brand Guidelines

Begin by hiring a marketing professional to design comprehensive brand guidelines. This will help outline important messaging to focus all marketing communications.

Have a Strong Website

Every bit of content you share reflects your business. It is important to invest in a pleasant and memorable user experience for online users visiting your website.

Blog Regularly

By maintaining a blog on a regular basis, you are increasing the likelihood of attracting online traffic to your website.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media platforms allow people to share links to other places on the web. Once you have content throughout the web, then you can lead people there via social media.

Know What is Share-Worthy

When in doubt of what to share, refer to your established brand guidelines. Does it relate to your mission? Is it relevant to your audience? Will people benefit from it?

Skills Needed

content marketing

Strategic Thinking

Effective content is never random or aimless. It must relate to the big vision and the main purpose of your business. This requires a strategic thinker to lead these initiatives.


Amazing content comes from creative people that have the ability to conceptualize worthwhile ideas for sharing to a specific audience.

Written Communication

Excellent content is created with eloquence, so be sure the person working on your content has strong written communication skills.


It is important to be resourceful, follow trending topics of interest and know just the right place and time to share the perfect bit of content.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

content marketing

Being Overly Sales-Oriented

Tactfulness is necessary to properly promote your business subtly while emphasizing certain information and direct call to actions.

Not Gearing Toward a Target Audience

When starting out, avoid the mistake of creating content that is not aimed toward a niched audience. Not knowing your audience runs a risk of sounding generic.

Not Optimizing For Search Engines

New businesses often lack the knowhow to properly optimize their content for search engines and end up missing out on a lot of opportunity out there.

Posting Too Often/Infrequently

You can’t share a random post one day here and there in between hiatuses. On the other hand, don’t get too carried away.

Poor Writing/Photography/Videography

Publishing content with errors is an easily avoidable mistake but one that is made far to often in marketing communications.

Having Monotonous Formatting

Sharing mundane and predictable content is boring to most people. It’s better to switch it up and alternate what type of content you share.

Not Planning Your Topics

Winging your content marketing is not a wise strategy. Quality work takes time, concentration, research, planning and strategic design.

Content People Love

content marketing


We use social media to explore what others have to say. If it’s not entertaining, we will quickly scroll past without being influenced whatsoever. People enjoy content that is pleasant, fun, enjoyable, or in some way, memorable.


Content that reminds us that life is short, that dreams can come true, that encourages us to never give up and inspires action… That’s what people like to see. Creating inspiring content that motivates your audience is a great way to build a loyal following.


Content that offers a fresh point of view and challenges our assumptions remind us of the overlooked fundamentals, and people appreciate it.


It’s nice to create content that opens up a discussion and creates a space for people to ask thought-provoking questions and share ideas.


The internet is all about connecting people’s wants and needs with solutions. When we create content that includes others, efforts are maximized. Perhaps, share back stories and give shoutouts to people where credit is deserved.


Let people know what you are working on by emphasizing it in your content. Do you have a new product, service, webinar or special discount to offer? Boost that throughout the web and people will learn to understand and appreciate what your business does.

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