Case Study: Web-Crunch

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We are pleased to announce a brand new case study for one of our long time side projects called Web-Crunch.

Web-Crunch is a blog for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Content gets published on a weekly basis covering topics such as design, development, freelancing, branding, and more.

The blog kicked off in December of 2014 by me Andy Leverenz. Before Couple of Creatives launched I was working fulltime and freelancing on the side as both a designer and writer.

I wrote for blogs such as Elegant Themes, Web Designer Depot, and Specky Boy on topics related to web design and development. While I enjoyed the work, I decided it was time to start my own online publication. I wanted something to call my own so I could write about what I wanted as well as having the freedom to scale the blog as needed. After some conceptualization and about two months of design and development, launched.

My very first post dates back to December of 2014. Now, nearly two years later my partner Alyssa and I finally got around to redesigning the website.

Goals of the redesign

The overall goal of the redesign was to optimize the site for increased readability. The original design was very rushed and as a result was inconsistent in many areas.

The new design focused on subtracting the clutter from the content and pushing the content forward. The end result is a much cleaner and easier to read interface built upon a highly efficient code base.

Notes about the experience

We faced some challenges along the way during the rebuilding of I go into more detail in the case study about our successes and challenges. Overall the project was a breath of fresh air for me. The new design no longer feels cluttered or “half-assed” for lack of a better term. Be sure to check out the case study as well as the website itself. We’d love to hear what you think.

We are here for you

Does your site make you cringe the way Web-Crunch used to for me? We are here to help optimize your website to be seen by more people than ever. Alyssa and I are experts in web/mobile design, web development, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and SEO. These key factors are what separate your brand from the steep competition. Do yourself a solid and hire this creative duo to turn your business into a longstanding success. We guarantee results!

View the case study

Ok, enough chit chat view the case study now.

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