Agency Advantages – Why We’re Not Your Average Team

Need marketing? Hire this creative duo.

What is interesting and difficult at the same time about shopping for creative work is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. No matter what agency or freelancer you hire for creative type work, there will always be slight variances among the creative process and results, depending on the team and project at hand.

Couple of Creatives recently published our manifesto in attempt to share who we are with the world.

See our competitive advantages:

Small Yet Mighty

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Our close-knit team provides thoroughness and quick turnaround times. We masterfully craft brilliant and functional ideas into tangible solutions to optimize your business success. As a couple adventuring through life together, our open communication benefits us working together professionally. It gives us an advantage compared to other teams that are less intimate. When hired for a project, our client receives the undivided attention of two minds (which are better than one — and arguably better than any more than two). Our critical and creative minds brainstorm well together and we work through problems very smoothly. As veteran freelancers, we get to know our clients very well throughout a project and become an integral extension of their teams.



Entrepreneurial-spirited from the start, we each began our careers as freelancers working with clients and agencies all over the world. Upon realizing the power of our two minds working together, we joined forces. We are a well-balanced creative duo that understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses and have designated roles that compliment the areas at which we excel. Part of what makes our team so cohesive is our solid individuality. We work on our appointed duties very well so we can tackle more tasks at once.


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As marketing strategists, we are very organized and meticulous. We have the capacity to focus on the broad scope while working out the fine details.


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Hence our name, Couple of Creatives, we are an exceptionally versatile creative duo. Creativity is a way of life for us. We’re artists, illustrators, designers, developers, writers, musicians — and marketers. We don’t have a limited niche, per se. We are a dynamic team that works with clients from various industries looking to promote their products and services throughout the world wide web. The more diverse our clientele and projects, the more we learn and grow as creative professionals — and we like it that way.

Business Savvy

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We analyze communication processes and provide advising for improvement as well as cutting-edge integration with technology. Not only are we artsy farts, we are also very serious businesspeople on a mission to create desirable results for our clients.


picture of Andy and Alyssa of Couple of Creatives
It is fun spending our days fulfilling our dreams and we’re grateful for every project we get. Inspiration comes to us in unexpected ways. We are able to bounce ideas off each other 24/7, unlike most teams that only collaborate for a small portion of the day. We love learning new things, meeting new people and attracting awesome opportunities.

Like To Show Off

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We are passionate about our intellectual property. We work diligently on the advancement of our skills so we can create innovative solutions to our clients’ problems. We aim to showcase excellence throughout our portfolio but more importantly in our clients’ success rate.

Loyal To Your Future Success

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It makes us look good to make our clients look good. We are motivated to uphold our repute for providing a valuable return on investment. We are flexible and will go above and beyond to ensure all objectives are accomplished as to achieve the end goal and results.

Our Mission Benefits All Involved

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Our mission is to improve communication transmitted from businesses to businesses (B2B) and businesses to consumers (B2C). We are here to help businesses engage people and ensure everyone can easily find clear, useful information.

We Promise Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Our process is designed to ensure objectives and direction are clear every step of the way. We keep you updated on project status at all times, working directly with you to make certain your precise goals are reached and expectations are met, if not exceeded.

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